Mission Statement

Better Results

It is our mission at Encompass Environmental to provide both professional and environmentally friendly service. We are dedicated to ensuring great customer service and to meeting the goals, expectations, and deadlines set by our customers. Encompass Environmental is committed to servicing our customers in asbestos abatement, mold remediation, lead abatement, contents cleaning, methamphetamine decontamination, and biohazard cleanup.

About us

Serving all of Colorado and parts of Utah

We are located in Grand Junction – the center of the Western Slope of Colorado. We are the only certified methamphetamine decontamination firm on the Western Slope. Though the majority of our business is located in areas surrounding Grand Junction and Colorado’s mountain towns, we will travel across Colorado to perform asbestos abatement, meth decontamination, and contents cleaning.

Who We Are

Encompass Environmental is a family-owned company in Grand Junction, CO. This unique team of people has gone by other names in business before, and has a sterling reputation in our community. Encompass Environmental itself is a new company, but the people that make it up are highly experienced and highly passionate.

The asbestos abatement, meth decontamination, and contents cleaning industries have been around for a long time. We bring both experience and a dedication to innovation. We have already acquired the best personnel around to join us in our mission. Encompass is changing the way our industry looks, and interacts with our customers by providing better pricing, customer service, and excellence in all aspects of every job we perform.

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