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Fire Restoration – Upcoming CE Class

U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 1,345,500 fires in 2015 (the most recent statistics posted on the U.S. Fire Administration website). These fires resulted in 3,280 civilian fire fatalities, 17,500 civilian fire injuries, and an estimated $14,300,000,000 in direct property loss.  That’s a lot of work for fire restoration companies, nationwide.

In 2016, 50.3% of all residential building fires were caused by cooking/ kitchen fires. 

9.6% were from heating.  

6.5% were electrical.  

Also in 2016, 29.9% of all non-residential building fires were caused by cooking/ kitchen fires. 

9.3% were arson.  

Both electrical and heating were at 7.4% each. 


Fire Restoration 

Fire restoration is a complex process not only because of the actual work involved, but because of the social dynamics involved. After a building has sustained fire or smoke damage, property owners typically experience some mental/ emotional trauma. Their home which they love and have lived in for years has been ruined. It smells awful. Ash is visibly floating around the remains of their living room.  

We come in to repair their home and put their life back together. But not before inspectors from the insurance company, fire department, and possibly even police department comb the house first for signs of subrogation opportunities, fire origination, and perhaps even arson.  

Fire affects all communities around the U.S. every year. 


Upcoming CE Class – You Guessed it… Fire Restoration 

During our upcoming CE class we will cover how a fire restoration process looks from all sides (insured, insurance company, and restoration company). We’ll talk about the actual restoration process, helping the customer recover after their loss, and walking the insured through proper expectations.   

This is a 3hour CE class, with free food(!). Spend your next CE class with us, in person, with decades of experience surrounding you from fellow insurance agents, realtors, and property managers.  


When: July 26th 

Where: CMU, Room 221 

What Times… 

8 – 11 AM: Encompass Environmental and Delta Disaster Services teach Fire Restoration 

11 – 2 PM: Safelite teaches 

Please RSVP to Jake:

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