Meth Decontamination Grand Junction

Meth Decontamination Grand Junction

In our last article, we talked about one of the most important services that we provide: asbestos abatement. (If you’re interested in learning about asbestos abatement and why it’s so important, be sure to check out our blog post here.) In this article, we’re going to discuss another one of our important services, and one that’s probably more common than you expect. Encompass Environmental provides meth decontamination services. Though you might not think that our city needs a lot of meth decontamination, Grand Junction actually has to deal with it quite often. It’s important for you to know the risks associated with meth decontamination so that you can fully understand why you should have your properties tested and decontaminated. As always, it’s our goal to help teach you about an industry we have a lot of experience in. It’s our mission to share everything we know with you.

What is Meth Contamination?

Before we talk about meth decontamination, it’s important to talk a little bit about meth contamination. How does a property get contaminated with meth? You might picture a meth lab in the basement. But this isn’t the only way that meth contamination can occur. In fact, meth contamination can occur just from illegal drug use in a property. What this means is that if several people are using methamphetamines in an empty or abandoned building, a trailer, or even a shed or garage, it can lead to potentially harmful meth contamination. Though it might surprise you, you don’t need an entire meth lab for your property to reach dangerous levels of contamination. Meth contamination can have adverse effects on you and your family, which is why proper testing and decontamination is so incredibly important.

There are many negative side effects of living in a meth-contaminated house. However, they might not all be clear to you at first. In fact, many side effects of short-term meth contamination resemble symptoms of a common cold. Some of these symptoms include coughing, nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, and sleep disorders. Though these side effects might not seem serious, the long-term side effects are much more noteworthy. Being exposed to meth contamination for a long time can lead to cancer, birth defects, reproductive problems, and even death. Because there is a continual need for meth decontamination, Grand Junction homeowners should consider having their properties tested for potential contamination. It’s better than risking the short- and long-term side effects of living with meth. For more information about the dangers of meth contamination, we recommend taking a look at this article here.

Meth Decontamination Grand Junction

Unlike asbestos testing, there are no laws in Colorado that say that you have to test for meth at your properties. Many states do have laws requiring meth testing, but for now, Colorado isn’t one of them. Still, there are many reasons why it helps to know whether your home or business has been contaminated by meth. Plus, you never know when the laws might change. But hopefully, given the terrible side effects of living with meth contamination, you can understand the importance of meth decontamination in Grand Junction and abroad. If you feel sick all the time and you can’t explain why, give us a call. The same goes if you suspect that meth users might have been in your property at some point in time. This is especially true for people leasing and renting homes or apartments, as it’s often impossible to tell who lived there before you.

Though many people don’t know this, meth contamination is not an infrequent occurrence. And it doesn’t just happen in boarded up houses, either. We’ve seen meth contamination in nice areas and in houses that you’d never guess were contaminated with meth. Sometimes the results of meth contamination testing surprise even us. Without having your property tested for meth contamination, it’s impossible to know whether any exists. Even experts like us aren’t able to tell without testing a property. Unless you know the habits of the people that occupied it before you or can be sure that no one has visited your property while you’re away, you just can’t know whether your home, garage, or business has been affected.

Meth Contamination Testing

Though Encompass Environmental doesn’t provide meth contamination testing, we frequently work with companies that do. We work with third-party industrial hygienists to appropriately test your property and to write a protocol for the removal or cleaning of contaminated materials. Our contacts with third-party industrial hygienists make it so that we can quickly work toward fixing any meth contamination problem that you might have. What this means is that if you think you might have a meth contamination problem, give us a call. We can handle and coordinate the entire process from testing to decontamination. Meth decontamination also frequently requires asbestos testing, which can then lead to asbestos abatement. Working with us is a smart choice because we can handle asbestos abatement if it becomes necessary during meth decontamination. Encompass Environmental is a one-stop shop for all your meth decontamination needs.  

Encompass Environmental is one of only two companies that offers meth decontamination in Grand Junction and throughout the Western Slope. And of the two, we have by far the most experience. The only other option is to hire someone from Salt Lake City or Denver, which isn’t convenient. Rather than paying costs for driving time and hotels, stick with a local company like Encompass Environmental. Otherwise, the price of restoration can skyrocket. If you could work with a local company that knows the area and has lots of experience while at the same time saving money, wouldn’t that be the smartest choice? You should never have to worry about meth contamination in a property that you’re living in. Let us help you take care of it so that you never have to worry about it again.

*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

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