Encompass Environmental and Encompass Contents

The Encompass Process

Encompass Environmental is set up to make contents cleaning easy for restoration companies. If your company performs mold, water, and fire restoration, you are our ideal client. We started our business around the idea of helping smaller restoration companies handle large smoke damage and fire losses. So even today the Encompass process keeps the focus on the restoration company, while making contents cleaning as easy as possible for everyone involved. No matter what size of facility and restoration outfit you have, we can help you.

What Kinds Of Work Can We Handle

Most restoration companies, or even specialized contents cleaning companies, are only capable of cleaning certain kinds of contents. Encompass Environmental is capable of cleaning just about anything. No cleaning by hand (except for larger pieces of furniture). Almost everything we do is through the following wash systems:

Esporta Wash System: the Esporta is an amazing machine. Using it, we can clean just about any soft content to food-grade clean. Even if the material has blood stains, mold growing on it, or is covered in heavy soot. No other wash system can clean like the Esporta.

Ultrasonic Cleaning: our ultrasonic machine can clean just about any type of ceramic, metal, plastic, or general household item.

Ionizer: Encompass Environmental can clean electronics. The ionizer sprays de-mineralized, de-ionized water onto electronics, resulting in a very thorough clean.


Where We Specialize

Encompass Environmental specializes in working with insurance companies. If you, as a restoration contractor, hire us, we can work directly with insurance companies on any loss. We take the burden of contents off your shoulders, in every facet, and send you a referral fee at the end of each job.

We take extra care on every job to keep the focus on the restoration contractor. Our techs show up to every job in unmarked vehicles, no logos, looking professional. The homeowners, insurance agents, and adjusters keep their attention on you, while we clean contents, and keep you looking like the hero.

Because we clean almost everything with our state-of-the-art contents cleaning technology, and not by hand, we can save insurance companies a ton of money. Up to 70% savings vs. non-salvaging damaged contents. Think about how many more jobs adjusters in your area would send you if they knew you could save them 70% cost on contents bills.

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