The Importance of Asbestos Abatement Grand Junction

The Importance of Asbestos Abatement Grand Junction

At Encompass Environmental, we pride ourselves on the many services that we provide to the Grand Junction community. Our new blog is just another way that we can support our community. The goal of our blog is to educate our readers—we hope that every time you visit, you learn something new. We’ll talk about our services as well as give you information about our industry so that you can have everything you need to make well-informed decisions. We have years of experience working with things like asbestos abatement (the removal of asbestos), and we’re committed to sharing that experience with you. We provide asbestos abatement Grand Junction can be proud of. But we’ve found that most people don’t know all that much about asbestos. That’s why in this article we wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of asbestos abatement in Grand Junction.

What is Asbestos and Why is it Dangerous?

But before we start talking about asbestos abatement in Grand Junction, we have to cover some basics. The first question we have to answer is “What exactly is asbestos?” Though many people know that it’s dangerous, if you ask around, most people won’t be able to tell you why. We think that this is important information for you to know so that you can understand the risks associated with not performing asbestos testing and asbestos abatement. At the most basic level, asbestos is a mineral that people mine for a variety of uses. It might surprise you to learn that many products, such as brake pads, flooring, and cement, still use asbestos. The reason that it sees such frequent use is because asbestos is a material that is highly resistant to fire. It also works as an excellent building material, which is another aspect that makes it compelling to use.

So if asbestos is so useful, then why do people consider it so dangerous? As long as asbestos stays whole, there are no problems with using it. When asbestos is whole, it’s considered “non-friable.” A piece of solid drywall with asbestos in it is non-friable and not dangerous. The problems occur when you cut or damage asbestos. Asbestos is made up of tiny fibers that are released into the air when it gets damaged. When inhaled, these tiny fibers can damage your lungs for years on end. In fact, you might not see symptoms of asbestos exposure for anywhere from 10 to 40 years. Because of these fibers, long-term exposure to asbestos can cause fibrotic lung disease (asbestosis), mesothelioma, and even lung cancer. You’re likely to find asbestos in things like drywall, vinyl flooring, and popcorn ceilings. All of this makes it incredibly important to perform asbestos testing and abatement.

The Importance of Asbestos Abatement Grand Junction

We also need to talk about asbestos testing and why we don’t just recommend it; in fact, Colorado requires it. This has to do with Regulation 8, which states that any contractor who removes at least 32 square feet of drywall from a home has to get it tested for asbestos. That might seem like no big deal, but when it comes to remodeling, 32 square feet of drywall is hardly anything. Imagine a 4-foot by 8-foot section of a wall; it’s not much material. But this means that almost every home remodeling or renovation project is going to require asbestos testing. Even though asbestos manufacturing was banned in 1978, that doesn’t mean asbestos is completely gone. The use of asbestos-containing materials wasn’t banned, which means that you’ll still frequently find it. If you go down to Home Depot, chances are you’ll find several products that contain asbestos.

And while many contractors don’t see the need to test for asbestos, not doing so can have big consequences. Some of these contractors don’t want to test for asbestos because they know that if the results come back hot (meaning that it tested positive for asbestos) the contractor is responsible for abatement. Ignorance can be tempting, but it’s not worth the risk. If the contractor performs remodeling or demolition work on a property without testing and that people find out later that the property is hot, it can lead to an “asbestos spill” and major fines for the contractor. Remodelers, construction companies, and anyone in the home industry need to have a go-to asbestos abatement company on-hand if the need arises. The same is true for plumbers, electricians, and people who work with drywall and flooring. Asbestos is still more common than people expect, which makes asbestos abatement incredibly important.  

Asbestos Testing and Abatement

Most homes contain a small percentage of asbestos, and simply having asbestos is no cause for concern. Asbestos abatement comes into play during remodeling and renovation projects that damage that asbestos. So if you work in an industry that requires a lot of home remodeling or renovation, it’s a good idea to give us a call. Though Encompass Environmental is a relatively new company, the people who make it up are highly experienced and have a great reputation in the Grand Junction community. So whether you’re in Grand Junction or another part of the Western Slope, we can help you with all your asbestos abatement needs. For more information about asbestos, we recommend taking a look at this website here.

The importance of asbestos abatement in Grand Junction really can’t be understated, and asbestos testing is just as important. Encompass Environmental provides asbestos abatement services in Grand Junction to help you make sure that your home or business is free from asbestos. Unfortunately, asbestos abatement companies can’t also perform asbestos testing. But even though we can’t help with asbestos testing services, we frequently work with companies that can. What this means is that if you need asbestos testing and abatement services, coming to us is a great idea. We can organize the testing process for you thanks to our many contacts in the industry. We’ve performed asbestos abatement for residential, commercial, and even government properties. For more information on the many services we provide, be sure to check out our website here. If you find yourself in need of any services related to asbestos, Encompass Environmental can help.

*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

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