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Encompass Environmental offers a variety of services across Colorado and parts of Utah, including asbestos abatement, lead abatement, meth decontamination, and contents cleaning. We are family-owned and committed to absolute excellence in our industry.

Our Main Clients

City, Municipality, Bureau of Land Management, Government

We offer free estimates for asbestos abatement, lead renovation, and meth decontamination. Our teams have an incredible amount of experience working all over Colorado and parts of Utah. We have multiple former adjusters on our estimating team, and we have the best-trained people in the industry. Encompass Environmental regularly completes significant amounts of government-based abatement, and we are continually striving to improve our services in this segment of the industry.

Restoration Companies

Companies that deal with water, mold, and fire restoration regularly come across homes and buildings in need of asbestos abatement. Abatement work must almost always be completed before restoration services can be performed. We are very quick to respond to your needs, and we are experts at dealing with insurance companies. Encompass Environmental is the go-to asbestos abatement and contents cleaning company for a number of restoration businesses on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Insurance Companies

Asbestos in particular can be found in many homes. Though more common in older homes (those built before 1978), we have found asbestos in homes built as recently as 2016. When water damage affects a home and drywall or flooring needs to be pulled to complete dry-out, Colorado mandates (via Regulation 8) that in many cases, asbestos testing must be completed prior to removal. We specialize in working with insurance companies. We have multiple former adjusters on our estimating team, and we understand exactly what insurance companies need to complete claims.

Serving Western Colorado’s Needs for Asbestos Abatement and Meth Decontamination

Asbestos abatement and meth decontamination are important wherever you may live, but in Western Colorado and Utah these cleanups are crucial. Encompass Environmental has been serving Western Colorado’s needs for asbestos mitigation and meth decontamination for several years. As there are many older buildings on the Western Slope alone, and meth use and production sadly continue to resurge in the region, we understand the importance of these cleanups. To learn more about our processes of how we remove hazards, such as asbestos and meth, check out our blog.

A Tried and True Asbestos Removal Company

Encompass Environmental is a tried and true asbestos removal company in that we deal in asbestos testing and removal. Asbestos consists of six natural forming silicates that were commonly used in construction materials prior to the 1970s, as it is fire resistant, a natural insulator, and inexpensive. When left alone, asbestos usually poses no dangers. However, when disturbed, the microscopic particles of asbestos are harmful when inhaled, leading to inflammation, and scarring of internal organs and tissues, namely the lungs. You’ve seen those commercial about workers and homeowners developing mesothelioma: that is a result of asbestos. You may now be tempted to remove suspect asbestos materials on your own, but stop: let us, a certified asbestos removal company, do the job properly and safely for you. Visit our services page here to learn more about what we do!

Asbestos Mitigation in Western Colorado and Utah

In Grand Junction alone there are many older buildings built prior to the 1970s, which may require asbestos mitigation, or removal of this material. The same can be said for buildings in eastern Utah, in that they are likely to be older and require asbestos mitigation. Though asbestos manufacturing itself was banned in 1978, asbestos containing materials are still used in modern construction. In fact, we have encountered asbestos in buildings as recently constructed as 2020–this year. No matter if you are a homeowner or business owner, Encompass Environmental, a certified asbestos company, will address your asbestos concerns.

Looking for Environmental Companies in Colorado? Choose Encompass Environmental

Are you in need of biohazard cleanup, such as asbestos mitigation, and are looking for environmental companies in Colorado? Choose Encompass Environmental! An asbestos company, we offer asbestos testing, mitigation, removal and meth decontamination in Western Colorado and Utah. Family owned and based in Grand Junction, CO, Encompass Environmental is the only certified meth decontamination firm on the Western Slope. In addition, we also have certifications in the following:

ECSI: Emergency Care and Safety Institute.

This certifies that we are CPR and first aid trained, should an emergency occur.

IICRC: Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

This certification sets the high standards within cleaning and restoration industries.

Colorado CDPHE: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

This means we are licensed to perform our kind of work in the state.

OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

This certification ensures the safety and health of our workers, so that they can perform their job properly and securely.

Hazwoper Training: Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.

This is a set of guidelines produced by OSHA.

EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm:

As we provide lead abatement or removal, we certified in the safe and proper ways to test and remove lead contamination in structures.

When it comes to testing and removing any biohazards, we pride ourselves on timely and efficient cleanups. As we are based in Western Colorado, we also proudly serve parts of Utah as well as travel to other parts of Colorado, to serve their environmental needs. Click here to learn more about us and our mission!

The Need for Meth Decontamination in Western Colorado and Utah

In addition to asbestos mitigation, Encompass Environmental also deals with meth decontamination. The need for meth decontamination in Western Colorado and Utah is more important than ever, as sadly, meth is resurging in Colorado, in both use and manufacture. In fact, meth production and addiction continue to be a huge problem within the inter-mountain west.  In 2017, it was reported that for the first time in a decade within Colorado, meth related deaths outnumbered opioid related deaths. An extremely addictive stimulant, meth is usually a crystalline powder that can be snorted, smoked, or injected. What makes meth so volatile is the compounds used to make the illicit substance, and harmful by-products that result from its production. A common (and dangerous) misconception is that contamination only happens during a “cook;” however, contamination can also happen from illegal drug use. For example, meth residue can get trapped in air ducts or carpeting from when a user smokes meth.

Another misconception is that it is easy to spot or know if a residence has been a former lab or drug use site. Even the cleanest and most unassuming buildings have been tested positive for traces of meth residue. When a lab is shut down by law enforcement, all paraphernalia and cooking apparatus is removed, but this does not mean the building is now safe for entry. Like asbestos, meth contamination is fickle: just because you cannot see or smell the biohazard, does not mean the building is uncontaminated. And whereas there are state laws requiring the testing for asbestos, there is no law requiring testing for meth contamination. This is especially terrifying, for both current and prospective homeowners and business owners. We highly recommend you contact us for meth contamination testing: it can save the lives of your family, your employees, and yourself.

Why Encompass Environmental

Located in Grand Junction, CO, we are centrally located between Denver and Salt Lake City. We pride ourselves on having the highest levels of training and certifications in our industry. Our asbestos abatement, lead renovation, meth cleanup, and contents cleaning teams are composed of people with years of experience – some of the very best in the industry. Our industry is constantly evolving and we are the state-of-the-art company for all the changes it’s bringing.

We only hire the best, and we send them to the very best, cutting edge training available.

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