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Encompass Environmental specializes in Hoarding Clean Up. Our professionals know how to relate to and empathize with those who have taken possession of their property to a potentially harmful level. We recognize this is a serious issue, and the complexity of the situation dictates our gentle interactions. We aim to help solve the hoarding issue both short- and long-term. Our staff knows how important it is to work with each individual according to their needs.

Meth Decon

Meth labs are more common than you think. We work diligently with local authorities to ensure the safety of homes and rental properties as families move in to new spaces. Encompass Environment works closely with third party industrial hygienists to make sure the home is appropriately tested and a protocol is written for the removal or cleaning of contaminated materials. If removal is necessary, testing for asbestos containing materials must also be considered (in Colorado, refer to Regulation 8 – shown below). Once all testing is complete and a protocol is in place, permits can be pulled, and work performed.


We are experts in the removal of asbestos from residential and commercial properties. Asbestos is a carcinogen that was used extensively in building materials prior to the 1970s. The most common type of asbestos found in homes today is known as chrysotile – a fibrous mineral that can be mined all over the world. Chrysotile/ asbestos was commonly used in building construction prior to 1978 because it is fire-resistant, strong, flexible, and cheap. It would be frequently used in joint compounds and adhesives, vinyl tile, roofing, drywall, and insulation.

Even though asbestos manufacturing was banned in 1978, use of asbestos-containing material was not banned in new construction. It is still legal in the United States to important asbestos-containing compounds for new construction use.

The state of Colorado requires all contractors to test for asbestos if they remove 32 square feet or more of drywall from any building (Regulation 8). This law even applies to buildings built post-1978. Good thing, since we have found asbestos in homes built as recently as 2016.

Contents Cleaning

We are the best-equipped, most highly trained company on the Western Slope of Colorado for contents cleaning from fires, smoke damage, mold, and sewage. If you represent an insurance company, restoration company, or local government, learn more about our Contents Cleaning capabilities at our Encompass Contents webpage.


Laws enacted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2010 are designed to prevent contamination from lead-based paints. Lead-based paint was used in most homes before 1950, but simple testing can verify its presence. When we are hired for lead abatement, we perform a risk assessment consisting of an on-site investigation. We are very careful to determine the location, severity, type, and presence of lead-based paints before removal, to ensure the safest and most thorough lead abatement process possible.

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Our Certifications

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